Spring 2015

BE Newsletter Spring 2015

MP: “That’ great”!
HL: “It’s going to be a girl”.
MP: “How do you know”?
HL: “She already has a boy”.
MP: “……… ”

WO (11 yrs): “Mike Peace, can you teach me how
to play drums”?
MP: “Why do you want to play drums”?
WO: “Because you look cool when YOU play”.
MP: “That’s because I Am cool”.
WO: “No, it’s gotta be the drums”.

HJ (8 yrs): “Mr. Michael Peace, what do you want
to be when you grow up”?
MP: “I ‘m already grown up”.
HJ: “You are? How did you know when you were
MP: “When I started paying the bills”.
HJ: “What does football have to do with growing
(mp- I wish I were that rich).

SW (12 yrs): “Dad, when you get grown, what do
you want to be”?
MP: “I’m already grown”.
SW: “No you’re not”.
MP: “Then what am I “?
SW: “A cool, old guy with swag “.