Spring 2014

BE Newsletter – spring 2014

MB: “Mike Peace, what is the opposite of wisdom”?
MP: “The Bible says that it’s foolishness. Why?
MB: “The Bible says that gray hair is a reward for wisdom. My hair is black, does that mean, I’m a fool?
BL: “You are, if you don’t listen to Mike Peace”.

GA: “Michael Peace, if you grow your hair out, you
might look cute”.
MP: “I don’t have to look cute, I’m married”.
GA: “That’s not why you’re married”.
MP: “What is it then”?
GA: “God felt sorry for you, so He blessed you with Miss
Julia.  Ain’t He good”?
MP: ………….
MP: “I guess so…..”

PD: “Mr. Michael Peace, do they have cars in Heaven”?
MP: “I don’t believe so, why”?
PD: “Well, if they do, I want a Rolls Royce”.
MP: “Why a Rolls Royce”?
PD: “It’s the only car nice enough to drive on streets of gold”?

BA: “Mike Peace, can you get us a record deal”?
MP: (jokingly) “Record deal?  Y’all can’t even sing”.
MT: “I bet you Jesus would come to our concert”.
MP: “How do you know”?
AS: “Because the Lord inhabits the praises of His people”.
MP: “…………”  (Excellent theology)  🙂

GJ: “Mike Peace, I think we should go on a B.E. cruise”.
MP: “Where would we go”?
GJ: “Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Bermuda…”
MP: “We can ride a boat right here in Rochester”.
GJ: “Don ‘t you know anything? When you go on a cruise, the water is blue. The water in Rochester is brown”.
MP: “………..”
MP: (Can’t argue with that).