More Bytes

TT: “Mike Peace when I get rich I’m going to open up a BE (Bethel Express) in North Carolina”.
MP: “Really, that’s great man”.
TT: “But I have one question, how are you going to be in North Carolina and Rochester on the same day”?

BA: “Mike Peace if I were your daughter, would you treat me like this every day”?
MP: “ Of course I would, I love you”.
BA: “Well let’s get the adoption papers and get this thing done”.

BL. “Mike Peace, what do you need with $1 million dollars if you have us”?

JB : “Mike, what does Touche mean”?
MP: “Why do you ask”?
JB: “My teacher said there is no God, I asked him to prove it. He said touché”.

SJ: “Mr. Mike, the man in the corner store said there are other gods”.
MP: “What did you say”?
SJ: “I said my god is the best one”.
MP: “What did he say”?
SJ: “Your Sprite is free today”.

A.M: “Mike Peace, you said that we are champions. Where are our trophies”?
MP : “……..”
AM: “………”
MP: “We get crowns when we get to heaven”.
AM: “So actually we are Kings and Queens right”?
MP: “Exactly”.
AM: “Trophies are for chumps, I’d rather have a crown any day”.
MP: Amen (I mean phew)!