Fall 2015 Newsletter

BE Newsletter Fall 2015

What A Year The Lord Has Blessed Us With!

We have seen so much growth in our ministry and, even more importantly, in our CHILDREN! Some of our highlights from this year:

*Our Children: *

The Non-Conformists, and the Rhythm Troupe, (Bethel Express music ministry teams) performed on three occasions for St. John the Baptist Church in Buffalo, at Night to Honor Israel at Bethel Christian Fellowship and at RocFest in Highland Park. While serving to bless those in attendance, our children were also exposed to social situations they would not normally be a part of and expanded their own spiritual growth through serving others.

A small group of children participated in a new summer initiative, Spiritual Enrichment and Discipleship Institute (SEAD), in which they spent time in the Word together, were taught life-skills and had the opportunity to partake in outside excursions to broaden their view of the good things Rochester has to offer.

As always, Saturday morning BE provided a safe haven for our children to have a warm and nutritious breakfast followed by praise and worship and a message from Pastor Mike. This “family time” is the highlight of our children’s week and they come with the expectation of love, acceptance, and a time to put their weekly burdens aside. They know there is always a special someone there for them — to listen if they need to unburden their hearts or to celebrate their achievements or to just provide a hug.

*Our Ministry: *

Our Mission Statement remains; to “Raise up Champions in Society” and impact the city of Rochester by teaching Biblical principles of life via the “S Factor” of Spiritual Strength, Social Stability and Scholastic Success.

Every one of our programs and initiatives provides either one of these principles or a combination of these principles for each child who participates. In addition to Saturday morning B.E. and the Summer SEAD program, Bethel Express continues to provide Tuesday Tutoring sessions and advocacy for our children in their schools, with the everpresent message that graduation is the only option and college is the goal. We engage our children in Outreach such as the Remix and Shekinah Glory Ministries. We help our children participate in on-going events hosted by partnership churches through their youth-groups, or bible studies or other spiritual enrichment activities. And finally, there is that “one-on-one” time between leaders and their special children which involves time spent outside of the regularly conducted B.E. activities.
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