Fall 2014

BE Newsletter – Fall 2014

MA (12 yrs): “Mike Peace, do you believe God has a man for me”?
MP: “Yes, I do”.
MA: “How will I know which is the right one”?
BC (13 yrs): “When Mike Peace likes him”.
MA: “That could be a long time”.
(mp: It will be)

TC (10 yrs): “Mike Peace does God really care about us”?
MP: “Yup”.
TC: “How much does He care about us”?
MP: “He knows the number of hairs on our heads”.
TC: “What if the person is bald”?
MP: “He knows how many hairs you used to have”.
TC: “Whoa….!!!!  Awesome”.
(mp: it sure is)

PR (8 yrs) “Mr. Michael Peace, how many sons do you have”?
MP: “Including you, I have 202”.
PR: “Wow!!  You must have a big house”!
MP: “Nah, they live in their own houses”.
PR: “Their own houses? When do I get mine”?
MP: “…………”
MP: “I will let you know”.
PR: “Okaaay…but don’t take too long…I’m gettin’ old”.

LB (9 yrs): “Mike Peace, am I special to you”?
MP: “Definitely”.
LB: “Can I have a bike”?
MP: “What does a bike have to do with anything”?
LB: “It doesn’t. I was just trying to see HOW special I am”

WA (7 yrs): “Mr. Michael Peace, Can I drive your car”?
MP: “Drive?…do you know how hard it is to drive a car”?
WA: “How hard could it be? My mom drives”.
(mp: I’m not going to touch that one)