Bethel Express Is:

A ministry that is dedicated to affecting the lives of children primarily between the ages of 6 and 12 years of age with the Good news of Jesus Christ. Every Saturday BE offers a hot and nutritious breakfast, fellowship, a worship experience with sound Biblical teaching, in addition to academic tutoring within the framework of superior assistance and adult mentoring that aids them in the quest to be “agents of impact”. BE teaches that it is important to help society, not usurp or be exploited by it. Since 1987 BE has concerned itself with equipping its constituents with the necessary skills to be able to live a complete spiritually and socially sound life void of the “victim” mentality.

We Are:

  • Encouragement to those children in the inner city who by society’s standards are “EXPECTED” to fail.
  • The promise of a meal on a Saturday morning for kids who may not otherwise be in a position to have one.
  • Unconditional love and, in many cases, the only hug a child receives during the week.
  • A safe place to go where no one is buying/selling drugs, threatening violence or exploiting innocence.
  • An introduction of a Father who never leaves, to children who do not have a dad around.
  • A family.

As Bethel Express, we believe:

  • No one owes us anything – we prepare for life, and any opportunities that may be afforded us.
  • We are not minorities – we are God’s priorities.
  • We are obligated to “SHINE” in school – our standards are high.
  • We represent Heaven, home and “the Hood”- they are counting on us.
  • If we cannot get a job, we make a job – good results, not excuses.
  • We observe the success and failures of others – and see them as valuable lessons.
  • If we have the proper motivation for what we do, we will not be manipulated.
  • A sound mind, produces sound behavior.
  • We are Non-Conformists – We do not do what others do especially if it is wrong.
  • Hope is the foundation of our drive to excel in life.

Speak life Help others Ignore Foolishness Never disobey Encourage our teachers